The fintech universe we see in everyday life


The term fintech has been made by the sum of two major sector- Finance and Technology, and in a Creole way we could say that it is the technology applied to finance. We talk about financial services companies that use the latest technologies to provide their products or services and impact areas such as crowdfunding, online payment platforms and digital credits, among others.Click here to know about white label fintech.

The services provided by fintech and impacting daily life could be divided into four axes: savings / investment; credits, insurance and payment and transfer services.


As regards savings, since it is a financial institution it does not have a branch, its operating costs are likely to be reduced and therefore the commissions are lower. In the case of life insurance, for the home, against theft, it is the least explored branch at the local level.Visit this site to know about white label fintech.



The payments segment is the most popular, through applications taxes can be paid. To this is added the arrival of prepaid cards that are neither debit nor credit and are not linked to a bank account, these are plastics that are processed online and recharged from terminals.


In the case of digital loans are obtained without stepping on a branch, just download an application, complete data, send proof of solvency and it is credited. You can also enter the world of investments with operations that can connect us to international markets and various models that were previously only for brokers.


Finally, transfers are made mediated by platforms that often do not belong to banks, there are transfers between people, companies and with the State.

In the not too distant future, a meal delivery service will offer the option of carrying money. The person who delivers at home will go to a cashier, take out money and take it to the person who requested the service.