Treatments to eliminate cellulite

Treatments to eliminate cellulite

If cellulite is in an irreversible degree, it may be necessary to use some treatment to eliminate cellulite. There is a different type of aesthetic treatments to fight the cellulite, which stimulates the lymphatic system to support circulation and expel toxins and mount up fats. In more serious cases of cellulite, it may be essential to make use of surgical methods. FasciaBlaster is one of best treatment for cellulite. Below are list of some best cellulite treatments

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is a treatment to eliminate cellulite that involves injecting small doses of homeopathic substances in the first one of the dermis. These components, customized for each patient, help dissolve excess fat and toxins in the treated area, activating blood and lymphatic circulation to expel these fats and toxins from our body.

Carboxytherapy: It is treatments to eliminate cellulite consist of performing micro injections of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the area to be treated. This gas manages to reduce fat cells, and thus eliminate cellulite. It is essential that these CO2 microinjections are administered and controlled by a carboxytherapy specialist.

Pressotherapy: It is a treatment of the cellulite that makes use of air pressure to carry out lymphatic drainage. The patient is inserted into a sheath that covers the areas to be treated, and by means of compressor equipment, it is filled with air. The air pressure, as a massage, activates the lymphatic circulation, to expel toxins and accumulated fats and eliminate cellulite.

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