What are the drawbacks of GDAX trading?


If anything has some benefits, it is also sure to be drawbacks. This is the truth of this world. Here we are talking about GDAX trading which is very popular that includes exchanging crypto currency and offers people to buy and sell the digital coins. It gives so many advantages to the people but still, there are some drawbacks to it also exist. Some of these are:

  1. The availability of GDAX is very limited. It is not accessible all around the world but only can be accessible to a few countries.
  2. Another drawback of it is that it never permits the currencies issued by the government of total countries to be deposited in the account of the user. It permits real currency of only Euro, Pound, and USD. The people of Singapore, Canada and Australia have permission for trading in crypto currencies or they need to submit real currency.
  3. Total crypto currency availability is used for trading through GDAX only for the peoples of the US, UK AND Europe. While the Ethereum and a lit coin are used for training only by a citizen of Canada, Singapore and Australia.
  4. The beginners are not suited for the gdax interface. It is basically designed for those who are seasonal traders or for those who are involved in trading from the last many years. Those individuals who are using coin base and crypto currency trading from the last few years will be delighted at the new approach what GDAX offers, but for a new beginner, it is necessary to get some practical knowledge by using simple interfaces.
  5. Sometimes people face unwanted losses in finance due to confusing interfaces.
  6. If we talking about security, even if this not happened in the history of trading till date that somebody hacked any account, but what is the guarantee that it will never happen.

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