Why serve whiskey in rock glasses?

A connoisseur of wine doesn’t just know his spirits. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the glasses used for serving them.

Be it wine, scotch, champagne, or beer. It is not correct to serve drinks in all types of glasses. The glassware should complement the drink.

Each drink is distinct. The style of serving and consuming drinks is also different.

  • Tall and thin glasses are for cocktails.
  • Rock glasses for scotch or whiskey.
  • Dainty flute glasses are for sparkling wine and champagne.
  • Wide-mouthed stem glasses are for wine.
  • Pint glasses/mugs are for beer.

The old fashioned short and stout rock glasses are for whiskey/scotch served “on the rocks” Liquor served on large chunks of ice cubes. The best rocks glasses have a thin wall, circular rim, and a heavy bottom. They are sturdy and classy, hence perfect for serving scotch.

The right way to drink whiskey is to savor it slowly while enjoying the experience of the concentrated vapors engulfing you. It is a combination of taste and smell. Rock glasses make a huge difference.

It is a tough job to choose the perfect rock glass that is to your liking.

Manufacturers come up with innovative ways to lure customers. It gets very confusing. Here is a suggestion for you.

The best rock glasses you can confidently buy the KANARs Rocks Glasses.

  1. These are hand-made glasses using high-grade crystal glass.
  2. They are stylish, unique, and lead-free.
  3. The thick wall and solid base of these glasses are perfect for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, and rum.
  4. Available in a set of 4 and 6, these make perfect and appealing gifts for any occasion.
  5. They are not dishwasher safe.