Camelot Assisted Living- A Nursing Home With A Homey Feeling

It is a nursing home organization where the senior citizens who cannot live alone or by themselves then their families can send them to Camelot Assisted Living,where they can find a skilled nursing staff, short term rehabilitation, long term apartments with facilities where senior citizens can live and many more. Let us discuss about the assisted living in detail.

Several therapies that can be helpful for senior citizens

There are many therapies for senior citizens to restore their capabilities of doing mundane activities as mentioned below.

  • Occupational Therapy

This includes exercises designed to do daily activities like eating, walking, dressing,    cleaning themselves and other mundane activities. The therapists providing a helping hand can also help them recoverfrom a particular injury, chronic or acute illness, memory loss, vision loss etc. The therapists use a personalized fitness technique to accumulate their needs.

  • Speech Therapy

In many cases of hip fracture, speech fracture is often overlooking. Sometimes patients show improvement in a quick period, but sometimes, it takes a significant amount of time, depending on the physician’s potential to restore after any needed incentives. These therapies include speech development for better communication, expressing their wants and needs, strategies to make them independent while oral intake of the medicines, and many more such signs.

  • Physical Therapy

This therapy is a recommendation to patients recovering from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, surgery, fall or stroke, and such physical injuries to achieve their mobility and function. However, a patient is different from the other. The therapists approach some exercises after asking the patient’s family members about their medical reports like weightlifting, stretching, walking to help them improve their flexibility, range of motion and balance.

  • Short Term Services

Some of these services include dental care, vision care, beauty/ barber activities, transportation, weekly religious services, meal plans, laundry services, housekeeping services to provide them with care just like home in Camelot Assisted Living.


The nursing homes like these provide a second home to the senior citizens who are coping with their difficulties and help them overcome these hurdles and live a healthy, independent life.