Catching Up With The Ryan Kavanaugh News

What Is The Ryan Kavanaugh News About

Ryan Kavanaugh is the co-founder of Triller and is working on some huge deal right now. Triller is a video-sharing online content platform and has had previous matches being streamed on it before. The Ryan Kavanaugh News of the week is that a one-year deal is being made about the “Boxing Tuesday” series, which will take place in the Hulu Theatre at MSG in New York City.

Things to know about Ryan Kavanaugh

  • Founder of Relativity Media
  • Principal at Proxima Media
  • Film and TV Producer
  • 60 Oscar Nominations
  • 8 Oscar wins
  • Entrepreneur
  • Philanthropist

What is the series about?

It will be a series of boxing matches that take place in Hulu theatre on Tuesdays and can be streamed on TrillerTV and FITE. The series will begin with a fight between Mike Wilson, and Michael Hunter.3rd of August is when it will be aired. The series is named TrillerVerz, which will also include rap battles called “Verzuz”. When the headlining fight is over, that is when the rap battles will be held.

Who is involved in the series?

Timbaland and Swizz Beats are part of the Verzuz rap battle scene. Michael Hunter was in the 2012 Olympics and has had a draw match with 2019 Olympic gold medallist Alexander Povetkin. The deal of the series is with the Madison Square Garden Company, and DiBella Entertainment is the local promoter of the show. Chris Algieri is also going to be up against, not yet determined competitor.

The Ryan Kavanaugh News keeps on giving, as the man keeps on making deals and business decisions that seem to favour the future of entertainment.  Although it is a one-year deal, it can lead to more offshoots that would be available to TrillerTV users. The deal was orchestrated by Peter Kahn, the chief boxing officer, and the idea seems to have been made at the right time.

A lot of interest has been generated by boxing and pay-per-view boxing matches lately, especially due to the pandemic. People want to enjoy the sport thoroughly. There seems to be a renewed interest that TrillerTV has rightly captured. Having Timbaland and Swizz Beats on the “Verzuz” part of the show also brings in a newer audience. TrillerTV seems to have captured a unique combination of audience, people that are ready to watch both the battle of the brawns and the battle of raps.