Laying vinyl in damp rooms

Since a vinyl floor is suitable for damp rooms, you can easily install it in the bathroom. If you want to use PVC in the shower cubicle, you should use particularly waterproof solid vinyl tile in lubbock tx. When installing, it is important to seal the subsurface in a watertight manner. In addition to the material, the adhesive must also be water-resistant. Long-term exposure to water cannot harm special polymer adhesives. After installation, you should seal the surface. You can use silicone grouting on the wall to protect against moisture.

Due to its high elasticity, vinyl offers many advantages in your home. The soft, warm and easy-care floors are particularly easy to integrate into your four walls as a click version. The installation of the long-lasting adhesive variant is associated with a little more effort but offers a high level of living comfort. Vinyl is also a good choice for renovations. The multilayer variant optimally evens out uneven surfaces.

With the self-adhesive vinyl, the back of the individual panels is provided with an adhesive covering. If you remove the protective film, you can apply the plank to the substrate.

The advantage of the self-adhesive boards is that they can easily be replaced individually if they are damaged. The plank can be loosened with a hairdryer. However, this also has the disadvantage of the variant. It happens very quickly that the self-adhesive boards come off when exposed to heat, such as strong sunlight.

In the case of non-self-adhesive planks, you have to apply a special vinyl adhesive to the primed surface so that the planks can then be maintained in the adhesive bed. This variant is more complex, but the boards are also more firmly anchored to the sub-floor.

How to dispose of old vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is easy to dispose of. It is not hazardous waste. However, the floors are not disposed of in the traditional household or bulky waste but must be brought to the recycling centre. But they can be recycled. The soil is returned to the recycling cycle through proper disposal. Window profiles, pipes, flower and beverage boxes or foils are then made from old vinyl planks.