Ryan Kavanaugh Video – Announced the Opening of “THE FIGHT CLUB”

The entertainment master-blasters

 In a YouTube interview, Ryan and Snoop partnered for a boxing league called “The Fight Club” – Ryan Kavanaugh to TMZ Sports.

Ryan Kavanaugh and Snoop Dogg

 Ryan and Snoop have been partners for more than a decade. They have worked on multiple ideas, including DOG FOR DOGa company that donates on every unit of its sale. They both done lots of movies together and composed music stuff.

Triller– a subsidiary of Proxima owned by Ryan and Snoop joined hands for the Ultimate Boxing League named The Fight Club.

Snoop Dog – The Announcer

Ryan told that Snoop Dogg is going to be the face of the whole league. Snoop will be a kind of celebrity announcer and spokesperson for the league, along with being a partner. Ryan added – Snoop will help set up the fights and do musical stuff, which will be a unique experience in boxing history.

The promotion

Ryan Kavanaugh Video Interview told – that they got the promoter’s licence, so there will be no issue as usually had to deal with promoters in between. Ryan’s own company is going to promote the event.

The Massive League

Ryan Kavanaugh video interview with TMZ Sports assured that the concept would revolutionise how boxing has been done in the past. Outsiders say it’s impossible, but he believes it’s realistic. He wants to shift the paradigm, and he’s confident it’ll happen. In terms of format, the league will be tremendous and will achieve its new heights.

The Biggest Question

On being asked whether you have fighters lies up right now, Ryan then added –“he may tell that the main fight will be something that will be massive and everybody wants to see….. he stopped himself from spoiling anything out.

He awakens the zeel of everyone by saying that this chapter is going to be huge from the worldwide sports appetite perspective.

Another question- is it going to be a Sanctioned fight or another exhibition? Ryan paused with saying No Sanction.

The Engagements

It has been emphasized that the league is going to be diverse. The owners are trying to put everyone in there from social media to big athletes (that may not be boxers), celebrities like film stars and musicians to sum up this major event.s

Everybody is going to watch the pro-boxing league in its all-new format that the fighting club will offer.


Ryan ended by saying that they spent more money on production than any fight ever spent, and Ryan and Snoop and their team are intended to keep doing this stuff to deliver an at-home 360 experience.