Ways to store and organize your bra 

There is a lot of women who are facing a lot of difficulties while storing their bras. Because they don’t have proper knowledge about bra storage. If you are also facing the bra storing or organizing problem then you must have to learn about it. You must have to know the proper method for folding bras

These are few ways to store and organize your bra:

  • Lingerie drawer 

The very first thing you can do is to maintain a lingerie drawer. You can separate a drawer just to put and manage your bra. So that you don’t have to waste your time to find out the right one. You will easily able to find all your bras in one place. You have to learn the proper method for folding bras.

  • Fold sports bras 

You have to learn to fold your sports bra properly. Because if you know the right method to fold a bra then it will store and can be used for a longer period. You have to store them neatly and perfectly so that you can wear them whenever you want.

  • Use shower curtain rings 

You must have to wash your bra properly and let them dry in the sunlight. Let us tell you sunlight is a must for our clothes as it kills all the bad bacteria and also removes smells. For drying bras, you must have to use shower curtain rings as it takes very little space.

  • Create a bra rack 

The next thing you can do is prepare a bra rack for all your bras. It will look awesome and also make it easy to use the right one according to your dress. You can also show your creativity by making a color palette according to your mood and needs. This will enhance the look of your wardrobe.