Before Covering Your House With Shingles, Read About Roof Shingles Lifespan

roof shingles lifespan

It is seen that still in this new generation, there are houses in the northern areas that have houses with steep slopes. Most people nowadays live in apartments or flats with flat roofs, but they are people that live in these homes too with steep slopes. Houses with such roofs are much better as they prevent the roof from storing snow or rain and getting affected by them. So for the people who live in these homes, there are services called roof shingle services, that offer to install these shingles on the roof and repair them if it is required. This article is related to roof shingles and it will discuss roof shingles lifespan in detail.

What affects the lifespan of roof shingles?

The factors that affect the lifespan of a roof shingle are:

  • Quality: The quality of these shingles should be particularly chosen by the type of your house and only high-quality materials should be trusted as without long-lasting roof protection, things don’t make sense.
  • Color: The color of these shingles should not be too dark as dark colors absorb sunlight, and that can harm the shingles in long run.
  • Weather conditions: The weather conditions of your place highly affect the roof as these shingles are the first layer that the weather calamities first touch.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation helps hot air to escape from under the roof. Direct Sunlight on the shingles can decrease the lifespan of the roof shingles.
  • Proper installation: Hiring a quality team for installing roof shingles is worthwhile as it allows roofs to stay intact in heavy rains too.

What is the average lifespan of roof shingles?

The lifespan of the roof shingles depends upon the quality of the material used to build it, its color, and the location where it is installed. However, the average lifespan for three-tab asphalt is ten to fifteen years. Then there are architectural shingles, whose style of roofing can last up to fifteen to twenty years. Finally, there are tile and metal roof shingles whose lifespan ranges from thirty-five to fifty years. These are the three types of roof shingles that protect your house from bad weather, leakages, and rusting roof.

Install proper and reliable roof shingles in your house with a higher range of lifespan.