Just like a test score, calcium score is also important

Just like a test score, calcium score is also important

As the title suggests, like a test score calcium score is also very important for our body to function well. There are many places where these tests are done. calcium score in Millburn, NJ is extremely famous for its services and reliability. At this point most people might be wondering what a calcium score is, so to answer the question that is obviously looming over us. A calcium score is a heart scan, it is non invasive in nature and uses procedures like CT scan and X-rays to check if there are any blockages in the coronary artery.

Why is calcium score important.

Getting your calcium score checked is important because it helps the doctor to find a treatment to your diagnosis, especially if the build-up of the disease is detected early on then the treatment can also be found early. These plans of improving your health can include meditation, exercise of some sort, and certain changes in your lifestyle if necessary. These suggestions/ precautions are given out by doctors so that it because easier to prevent any risks of sudden heart attacks or other diseases which are related to the heart.  The safe and ideal score of this test is zero meaning that no amount of calcium is present in or on the heart. If the score is more than zero, it means you are more likely exposed to the risk of having a heart attack.

Reasons why you might need calcium test.

Firstly I want to clarify that these tests can only be done if your doctor has suggested it. The doctor might suggest it in certain situations which are listed below.

  • During birth if there are any defects in the heart.
  • For congenital heart disease.
  • Having your coronary artery blocked due to build-up of any type of plaque.
  • Any type of heart injuries or defects in the four primary valves of the heart.
  • Most commonly these tests are done to check if there are any blood clots formed in the heart.
  • Another very common reason for undergoing this scan is to check if there is any type of tumor in or on the heart.