Keeps you and your family secure at all times with a digital lock

Pin codes, fingerprint recognition, RFID cards, and even face recognition are all options for digital smart locks that may be programmed to work with numerous entry methods. Dual verification may be configured on a digital fingerprint lock, requiring fingerprint recognition and a PIN to access the door, which adds an extra degree of protection. This contributes to the creation of a tamper-resistant system. The development of biometric technology has opened the way to develop security solutions that improve our quality of life. With the use of biometric identification methods like fingerprint recognition, we can personalise access for the highest level of security.

What are the benefits of utilising a digital door lock?

  • Keys are no longer required, and there is no longer a need to have replacement keys made.
  • Simple keyless access eliminates the need to cope with misplaced keys.
  • It is perfect for houses since nurses and caregivers may enter the property by entering the code as they would typically do. Additionally, family members can use their keys and do not have to worry about changing regulations.
  • Rapid access – remote controls control specific properties, allowing you to go to your property fast, even when pouring.

You will never forget to lock your door again if you get a smart lock installed. It alerts if the home door is left unlocked for an extended period. In some instances or stuations, you may even be able to lock and open it using an app on your smartphone. Do you ever make the mistake of forgetting to lock your door when you get home? Alternatively, do you ever question if you closed your entrance or not? These issues will be resolved if you install a digital lock in your home.