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The job which involves you working for somebody else be it fixing toilets, painting walls, or refurbishing furniture, is usually looked down upon by people in our society. But as lowly as people may think of such works, one has to admit, these are also one of the most labour-intensive and skill-oriented professions.

Struggles faced by Handyman

  • Suppose an individual doe’s tile replacement at people’s homes and does exterior repair. Now, one would think such jobs are available all year long, right? No.
  • The day for handyman services in Jacksonville Beach, FL may differ from time to time and season to season since people like to get their homes renovated and fixed in winter mostly, which also means that these people may or may not remain unemployed, depending on the flow of work. Therefore, one has to get accustomed to such changes and acquire other skills which are always in demand. This means that these people not only repair tiles but also know plumbing, painting homes etc.
  • Since the number of projects varies, the income also varies. For somebody with a family and children, it can become very difficult to maintain work-life balance as well since all the focus and energy is concentrated on setting food on the plate only.
  • These people usually have a network of other such workers who get by their lives doing such odd jobs. In the mornings, they are cementing somebody’s home and at night, they have nightly duties like being a watchman or chauffeur at a wedding.
  • This profession also involves street smarts given the hostile market and a hostile world.
  • Negotiations and diplomacy are also one of the skills they hone while being in the profession, debating the rates for painting and furniture and the workers involved.
  • However, it is very important to please the employer and not take any unnecessary holidays. If the work remains hung up or takes a lot of time, the person hiring can also fire them quickly (depending on their temper and need of the hour) and give lesser money than what was decided, which again, is a lose-lose situation.
  • One also needs to have the intelligence to work around complex situations while working on building, breaking, and painting and give the employer an invaluable insight as to how something would look and how cost-effective can it be for the owner.